Where You Belong by Stacy Williams Book Review

Where You Belong by Stacy Williams Book Review

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Where You Belong by Stacy Williams is book 2 of The Abandoned Brothers series but can be read as a standalone. I would highly recommend book 1 (I Got You) though because it’s amazing! It is available to read on KU.


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Where You Belong

Author: Stacy Williams

Pub. Date: Feb. 26, 2024

Series: The Abandoned Brothers series book 2

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 387

Rating: 4.5 stars

Spice: 1 heart

Content Warnings: mentions death of spouse, swearing, abuse, sexual harassment, & toxic relationship


What if you’re lost? What will it take to find your way back?
Andie has been hiding, wanting to stay in the past rather than face the uncertainty of the future. When the force of a lie pulls her out of the darkness and into the light – the spotlight she’s avoided – she has to decide if she’ll stand and fight or run for cover.

With each step, she has a choice to make. She can continue to watch life go on around her, or see what might be waiting on the other side. Will fear keep her from moving on, or can she find the courage to take the leap?
Sean thought he had it all. That is…until he realized it was only surface-deep. He let himself get caught up in fame, fortune, and the life that comes with it. But when his superficial world blows up in his face, the face of the man he let himself become, he has a battle on his hands.

When the professional footballer’s career is left hanging in the balance along with a life of his own, Sean has to decide if the risk of losing all he’s worked for is worth it to get back to the man he wants to be – the man he used to be.
Where You Belong is a touching love story that reminds us that even when we don’t expect it…love shows up.


Book Review

Thank you to the author for this ARC of Where You Belong by Stacy Williams. All opinions are my own.



After reading I Got You by this author and absolutely loving it, I was excited to read this book. This is book two of The Abandoned Brothers series, but this book can be read as a standalone.

This is a story about two people learning to get over past traumas in order to move forward and let others in. It’s a beautiful book with characters that feel real, and I loved several of the side characters as well.

Stacy is so good at writing an emotional romance that still feels lighthearted. I really liked these characters, and it was nice to see cameos of the characters from I Got You.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a romance with depth, character growth, and some fun tropes (I won’t spoil them for you).


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