I Got You by Stacy Williams Book Review

I Got You by Stacy Williams Book Review

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I Got You by Stacy Williams is a closed door sports romance with emotional depth and found family. This story is beautiful and is such an underrated book.


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I Got You

Author: Stacy Williams

Pub. Date: 2023

Series: Abandoned Brothers book 1

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 389

Rating: 5 stars

Spice: 1 heart

Content Warnings: swearing, death of a parent, trauma, drugging, & sexual assault


Sacrifice…is there any too great? How far would you go to protect the innocent?

Maggie is living from one day to the next and making things up as she goes. Her life is four kids and a whole lot of chaos, but the best kind. Two years ago, she gave up her dreams, and after a devastating loss, she may have to give up one more. With four kids depending on her and not a chance she’ll let them down, she’s about to learn just exactly how far she’ll go to keep them safe.

Shane just lost the only thing he’s ever loved – the only thing he was good at – the only thing he’s ever wanted. After a career-ending injury upends his life, he’s forced into a coaching career he’s not even sure he wants. Just weeks into his new position, he finds himself tugged back to a time he’d prefer to never revisit. Now, Shane’s left with a decision that could change everything. It’s the one thing he told himself he would never do.

I Got You is a touching love story that reminds us that when everything else fades…love stays.

This is a fade-to-black contemporary romance that still offers plenty of heat.


Book Review

I Got You by Stacy Williams is such an underrated gem! I loved everything about this book.



This is a story of dealing with trauma and overcoming your past with the help of the people around you. I Got You is such a beautiful and emotional story full of depth and wonderful relationships (romantic and familial).

I loved the characters so much in this book! They were lovable and hilarious. The strong bonds of family were so nice to see, and I loved the romance as well.

Final Thoughts

If you like closed door romance books with depth, then I would recommend this story. It’s got found family, the grumpy x sunshine trope, and is a sports romance.


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