Betrothal or Breakaway by Leah Brunner Book Review

Betrothal or Breakaway by Leah Brunner Book Review

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Betrothal or Breakaway by Leah Brunner is a sweet hockey romance with Neurodivergent representation. It contains a marriage of convenience, a hilarious hockey team, and an adorable baby.


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Betrothal or Breakaway

Betrothal or Breakaway by Leah Brunner book cover

Author: Leah Brunner

Pub. Date: Apr. 4, 2024

Series: D.C. Eagles Hockey book 3

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 318

Rating: 5 stars

Spice: 1/2 heart

Content Warnings: swearing, child abuse, bullying, & mentions infertility 


Can Ford Remington–team captain of the D.C. Eagles–forge the future he wants?

Ford’s love life isn’t non-existent, it’s just hopelessly one-sided. And the only woman he’s ever wanted—his childhood best friend, Amber—doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. So why bother dating?

When Amber’s fiancé leaves her pregnant, and without health insurance, she’s prepared to do it all alone. Until childbirth causes complications with her heart and she needs minor heart surgery.

Ford proposes a plan: a quickie wedding, insurance for Amber and her baby girl, and two years of platonically wedded bliss.

But how will he let go when he’s not only in love with Amber, but also with her baby girl who now feels like his own?

And even worse, Ford might have to walk away sooner than he ever expected …


Book Review

Thank you to Wordsmith Publicity for the ARC of Betrothal or Breakaway by Leah Brunner. All opinions are my own.

After reading books one and two of the DC Eagles Hockey series, I was so excited to have the opportunity to read Betrothal or Breakaway early.



So far, this is my favorite book of the series! It was sweet, and I absolutely loved the characters in it.

Ford was the perfect main character for this story because he was so kind but also struggled with trusting others with truly knowing him. I liked that he wasn’t a perfect person yet was the perfect love interest for Amber. He was a good leader for his team and was so precious with Amber’s daughter.

I also loved Amber as the other protagonist because she was easygoing and such a good mother to Nella. I loved seeing her blossom under good circumstances after having gone through so many difficult things in the past. I also loved the friendship between her and Ford and how easily she fit into his life.

The side characters for this story were so much fun! I loved getting to see some of the characters from previous stories as well as getting to learn more about characters for future books. I’m especially hoping to read about Bruce soon!

One of the things besides the characters that I appreciated about this story was the low amount of conflict. While every story needs some type of conflict, this book didn’t stress me out like some romances do. I liked that there were a few little conflicts throughout the story that made it realistic but enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved this book and would recommend this book to anyone looking to read a sweet romance with humor and heartfelt moments.


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