Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard by Kristin Canary Book Review

Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard by Kristin Canary book review

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If you’re looking for a sweet and funny romance without any spice, then Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard by Kristin Canary is the book for you!


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Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard

Author: Kristin Canary

Pub. Date: Oct. 11, 2023

Series: Hallmark Beach book 1

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 326

Rating: 4 stars

Spice: none

Content Warnings: mentions death of sibling


All I wanted to do was throw my brother a surprise early wedding.

As the prince of a small country, his wedding day has been eclipsed by pomp and circumstance-and he and his fiancée deserve more. So when I find myself in a charming small town on the coast of California, I decide to plan them the perfect royal wedding without all the cameras and expectations.

But as a princess, I can’t be here alone.

So my brother sends along the country’s top bodyguard-his best mate, Frederick. Who ALSO happens to be the man I’m completely mad about. Not that either of them know that.

Then, assumptions are made …

That’s right. The townspeople who are helping me plan the wedding assume that I’m the bride-and that Frederick’s the groom. But it makes the perfect cover story. They’ll never suspect it’s actually Prince Topher’s nuptials I’m planning. We can keep this royal wedding under wraps from the press.

A fake engagement is the perfect plan.

But I didn’t quite think through how it would be to pretend with him. To hug him. To share a room with him. To kiss him. In fact, it’s going to take all the mental and emotional strength I have to remember that this fake engagement to my brother’s best friend … isn’t real. No matter how brilliantly we might fit together.


Book Review

Thank you to the author for my gifted eBook of Beachside Kisses with My Bodyguard by Kristin Canary. All opinions are my own.



I loved how the author was able to create a unique story with the princess/bodyguard trope. It didn’t feel like the cliché royalty story that I’m used to seeing in Hallmark movies, so that was refreshing. The fake fiancé trope worked so well in this story too, and I loved the chemistry and pining between the characters.

The idea of planning a secret wedding for a sibling was really sweet. I also loved the small-town beach setting and how welcoming the whole community was to the main characters.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would recommend this book and think that romance readers will really enjoy it and the books to come in the series.


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