A Groom of One’s Own by Emma St. Clair Book Review

A Groom of One's Own by Emma St. Clair Book Review

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A Groom of One’s Own by Emma St. Clair is a fun hockey romance book with swoon-worthy characters, lovable rescue dogs, hilarious hockey teammates, and sweet main characters.


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A Groom of One’s Own

Author: Emma St. Clair

Pub. Date: Mar. 1, 2024

Series: Appies book 3

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages: 345

Rating: 5 stars

Spice: 1/2 heart

Content Warnings: dementia, chronic illness, & injury


He always dreamed of getting married–but for love, not to avoid deportation.

Eli Hopkins has it all–almost. A hockey career with the wildly popular Appies. Teammates who are like brothers. The only thing he’s missing is someone to share it all with.

Oh–and correctly filed visa paperwork.

Due to administrative error, Eli is about to lose everything.

Unless he can find someone to marry him in the next thirty days.

And he might have the perfect woman in mind. The only problem? He’d like to marry her for real, not simply for legal purposes.

Now Eli faces the challenge of winning over a wife who thinks the marriage is in name only …


Book Review

Thank you to the author for this ARC of A Groom of One’s Own by Emma St. Clair. All opinions are my own.
I’ve been reading Emma St. Clair books for a few years now, and I just never get tired of how fun and wholesome her books are. This book is no exception.



A Groom of One’s Own is one of my favorite books that I’ve read from her. It’s so sweet and funny but also deals with a few heavier topics.

Eli is honestly such a sweet character. I’ve read a lot of sports romance books, but most of them don’t have a main character like Eli. He’s adorable, romantic, and just so kindhearted. I loved how he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings, and his relationship with his mom was so wholesome.

Bailey was a great character as well because she was also super nice. I felt like her and Eli fit so well together. Seeing her grow and make friendships in this book was so sweet. I especially enjoyed seeing the interactions between Eli’s mom and Bailey.

The romance in this book had me smiling so big because they were just so cute, and their kisses were filled with passion.

I also enjoyed that this book wasn’t conflict heavy because it made it so enjoyable and relaxing to read.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend reading this book and all of Emma St. Clair’s other books too! If you’re looking to read a hockey romance without the spice, this is the book for you!


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